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The voice compass is your appropriate instrument on the voice market
Recognizing future trends

Voice recognition enters our everyday life from totally different angles. Many businesses already use voice recognition to communicate with customers in a better and more efficient way today. New operating systems like Microsoft Vista have functions for voice recognition and voice processing integrated. That is how many new users come into contact with it and find their own ideas for different applications.

Find out today what you can do and realize in future in your business with these new technologies in the book voice compass.  Answer the question which investment in which area pays out and how quickly does it pay out for automation has reached the telephone. Already after a few months voice applications amortize themselves and your business should also be able to reduce costs.

The application scenarios vary from company to company and business to business. You can discharge your telephone switchboard, inform your customers in a better way about your current products, take orders around-the-clock or bring more security into networks and businesses by applying biometric data of the individual’s voice.  The correct application can easily be found and could also lie in the combination of call center agent and voice application.