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The voice compass is your appropriate instrument on the voice market
Subdivision of the market into logical domains

Every market has its own specific features and so does the voice market.

Some essential pre-conditions need to be met to run a voice application. These two pre-conditions can be grouped into voice components and voice services.

Voice components are different products of different manufacturers, which are either bought or leased with a hosting-provider.

In the field of voice services you find the real programming of application but also the audio-design and the all too often underestimated designing of a sensible user-interface, the so-called Voice User Interface Design or in brief VUI-Design. Many bad implementations from the past have shown that technology is not the only decisive factor for the success of a voice application. It is rather know-how from the diverse domains in the voice-surroundings which is needed. The voice compass presents these domains and enumerates the relevant providers. That way every interested person can select an optimal team of manufacturers and providers.

Division into Domains in the voice compass