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The voice compass is your appropriate instrument on the voice market
Grouping manufacturers according to domain

The voice compass shows every relevant manufacturer in the voice market and treats every manufacturer and service provider in an identical manner. Every manufacturer can participate in the voice compass free of charge and make his product information available. The product information of manufacturers is divided into logical domains and every domain is represented in a table in a clear and concise manner. These logical domains are furthermore being summarized in sensible units that are compared with each other. That is what produces a real overview.

Every interested person obtains a much better understanding of the voice market due to the division of operating manufacturers within the German-speaking market into the six main fields of the voice compass

.Additionally the voice compass also explains the dependencies and links in the manufacturer market. This happens from the customer’s point of view.

It can be read in this connection which basic technology is applicable on which platform. With the voice compass one is able to record and display all linked information. The illustration of this dependency in the manufacturer’s market strongly characterizes the voice compass since never before this effort has been presented in any other publication in such detail.