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Target groups

The voice compass is a manual for technicians, deciders and beginners
Controlling with language

Experts around the world say: „Language will develop to be mainstream“. The fact many big concerns have realized long ago is more up to date than ever especially in small and medium-sized businesses: The communication to and with the customer needs to be improved from the service’s point of view to stay competitive.  Evidently, a normal cannot be on the telephone around the clock – at least he/ she couldn’t do so up to now.

In almost every business establishment the daily communication can be optimized. Specially with businesses which have a wide range of end customers (as for ex. workshops or craft producers) certain processes can efficiently and cost-effectively be improved by the use of a voice portal. Language applications, i. e. voice applications, will spread – just like some years back the Internet did. This is made possible by using a sophisticated basic technology like speech recognition or speech synthesis. Platforms that become easier all the time and the direction towards standard measures make the employment of this technology very interesting for businesses.

It is especially in small and medium-sized businesses that voice applications can by now be applied in a cost-effective manner. The welcoming around the clock by a nice and friendly telephone voice represents a good example for simple automation with high additional value.

The voice compass shows – as independent publication – which providers offer which products in which price category. Furthermore, it is shown which solutions can already be used with external hosting providers.