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The voice compass is a manual for technicians, deciders and beginners
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Which is the central aspect when concerned with service and satisfied customers?

Two things represent decisive factors: the customer expects quick advice and service independent of the respective communication tool (phone call, e-mail. etc.). When making an e-mail inquiry he/ she does not want to wait much longer for an answer than when he/ she is making a telephone call. Additionally, the customer wants to speak to a fully informed team member of the service center who does not have to consult his colleague who – in turn – answered the telephone in the first place, and to someone whom all the facts do not need to be stated again.

For the service provider this especially has technical consequences: inquiries made to the financial service provider should be processed in the same way with respect to all communication channels. Above all, information received is supposed to come together into one customer account to which every consultant has access. For this, the different communication tools play an important role next to the application of a CRM system (customer relation management).

The customer should always be able to get into contact with the respective service center. The customer will feel in good hands, understood, and will appreciate the service if a short-term callback of the consultant follows after a customer inquiry by e-mail. Furthermore, if the customer receives additional information automatically onto his cell phone as for example account status or the latest transaction that has taken place and is – at the same time – able to use this service around the clock this customer will be a happy customer.

To reach all of this, the different tools of communication ought to be combined sensibly and efficiently. Therefore, service centers need to be established which use today’s existing technical possibilities in full range and a synchronized manner.

Technologies like speech portals, i. e. voice portals, e-mail response management, web self-service and multi-channel management set new trends in customer service. Since diverse products of different manufacturers are often needed for a comprehensive and good solution, we find a real potential in their optimization to gain an efficiency increase.

The voice compass leads the way through this jungle by giving a comprehensive review of manufacturers and it helps choosing the right provider by offering market transparency.