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Target groups

The voice compass is a manual for technicians, deciders and beginners
Optimizing Call Centers

The cost pressure in call centers, i. e. service centers, increases and current studies show that there is a great need for improvement in this area.

The right mixture of automation and customer service given by agents is an important aspect in future for any operator to be able to have costs under control. It is certainly important that a caller is correctly and in a nice way welcomed by an agent and it must be possible for the caller to describe the basic issues to him. However, in many cases a standardized consultation process or interview follows. Such – in turn – might be more efficient than a personal dialogue or interview since the way of the questioning process remains the same all the time – that means the caller encounters the same friendly voice time and time again. Hence, the positive effect which this might bring along can undoubtedly be emphasized.

The voice compass helps to make important, trendsetting and forward-looking decisions in the field of voice application and shows the call center manager as well as the operator which products and processes could be the right ones for the use in the his/ her call center.