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Target groups

The voice compass is a manual for technicians, deciders and beginners
Reducing costs with voice applications

A voice application works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it does not need any holidays and is, therefore, the perfect addition to the customer service sector for every business. Especially recurrent processes can be automated by a voice application, i. e. processes which are felt to be monotonous and even boring, thus those, which show a high level of standardization. Still when deciding to use a voice application it appears to be a difficult task to choose the right and adequate one. So to say: There’s an awful amount of providers on the market.

The voice compass explains to you which components you ought to put special stress on in your projects and what a good voice application should sound like. Additionally, the voice compass also informs you how you can simplify the contact with a voice application for your customer and make it attractive at the same time.
On the basis of examples and recommendations a decision maker will quickly realize where in the company an application is sensible.  The pricing examples in the book voice compass give you a first indication for your own cost-benefit calculation and, thereby, simplify the introduction of a voice application.