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Workshop Communication 4.0 by eco e.v
The technology in business communications continues to evolve. Each year, new tools are introduced to the market, which should make communication better, faster and more efficient. But what changes will be truly accepted in daily communication, and how would this change the collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and customers?

Many people experience in daily business, how hard it is to integrate these new tools in everyday life. They sell high-end solutions, but the telephone system dates back to ancient times. Anyone who spends much time each month on the highway on the way to meetings and conferences, has been thinking about team collaboration over the Internet. But how that should exactly work  is unclear. The popular voice mail ping-pong is not played often in companies, although it could be easily abolished.

All of these situations and many more includes the workshop "Communication 4.0" .
On 3rd May in Cologne and 3rd July in Frankfurt am Main, workshop leader Detlev Artelt helps you with many tips and examples from practice to new ideas and gives necessary background knowledge to make your communications perfect in the future .

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