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New PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation - out now
If ATMs learn to talk, you can meet your soul mate by listening to voice mail, and phone calls from the cloud come naturally to you, then the progress in speech and communication technology is clearly visible and even tangible.
The voice compass team has compiles 50 examples of new ways of communications  in the second edition of PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation.
The compact book displays with understandable words and easy to read examples of what is already possible in modern communications and what companies can use tomorrow.
Many companies from various industries from medium service providers to technology companies and large companies have given their case studies. this  describe clearly how customer communications, but also other areas such as marketing and sales, had been changed successfully and cpould achieve higher efficiency, more contacts and cost savings  through the use of modern technologies and innovative solutions.
How can I improve sales via video conferencing? How can my call center work more efficiently? How can my company get a unique voice? These and other questions answers the voice compass team in simple terms.
 PRAXISTIPPS is commercially available, or online at amazon for example, at a price of 8.90, - €. The voice compass team also distributes the publication at many trade shows in autumn 2011 and spring 2012. For more information, see and

Also download the voice compass app at: